Healing Trauma and Embracing Life and Relationships

Surviving trauma can be painful and debilitating.  Sometimes symptoms will linger: 

  • flashbacks
  • nightmares
  • avoidance of people places, or things
  • startle response
  • hyper-vigilance
  • anger and irritability
  • depression
  • feelings of panic
  • painful body symptoms (chronic pain)
  • and others. 

There is hope for relief and recovery.  Each of us can transform painful and traumatic experiences and tap into an inner wealth of intuition and freedom from emotional and cognitive blocks.

Therapy is an effective tool to help you to restore that capacity.  There are many helpful therapeutic approaches.

I am experienced in and utilize a variety of approaches for healing trauma: 

  • EMDR
  • Energy Psychology
  • Yoga
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Processing and others. 

The approach(es) we will choose together and will be determined by your needs, preferences, and will complement your personal style of processing and learning.

I will take a Team Approach when appropriate and am very receptive to working with any other professional or healer with whom you are collaborating i.e. physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc.

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