Managing Flashbacks of Traumatic Memories

Traumatic memories are painful, at times debilitating, but you can learn to manage them and to work through them. Flashbacks take many forms. You may experience one or all of these symptoms:

  • Repeated thoughts of a disturbing experience – thoughts that are difficult to let go.
  • Visual images of an event or series of events. These pictures can be frightening.
  • Uncomfortable bodily sensations such as aches, pains, nausea, tightness, changes to breathing and temperature, trembling or shaking.

There are many skills that one can learn to manage and reduce the intensity, frequency, and duration of these flashbacks.

What To Expect In Therapy

You have taken a determined, courageous step to reach out for therapy, to be open and vulnerable to a stranger. You have taken a step that will likely benefit you in a number of ways and leave you in a better space than before you began the process.

On your first therapy session, you will engage in an assessment process during which you will talk about your concerns, goals, and dreams. We may begin to address your concerns in the first session; that work will be determined by your needs and wishes. The therapeutic environment is private, safe, and secure. Your identity and everything you discuss is entirely confidential with the exception of specific situations where your safety or the safety of another is at risk (these are the exceptions and will be discussed at your initial session).