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“Each person has within the capacity to heal, to grow, and to thrive.”

~ Lorri Simpson

Lorri Simpson

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Healing Trauma and Embracing Life and Relationships

Surviving trauma can be painful and debilitating.  Sometimes symptoms will linger:  flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance of people, places, or things, startle response, hyper-vigilance, anger and irritability, depression, feelings of panic, painful body symptoms (chronic pain), and others. 

There is hope for relief and recovery.  Each of us can transform painful and traumatic experiences and tap into an inner wealth of intuition and freedom from emotional and cognitive blocks.

Therapy is an effective tool to help you to restore that capacity.  There are many helpful therapeutic approaches.

I am experienced in and utilize a variety of approaches for healing trauma: 

  • EMDR
  • Energy Psychology
  • Yoga
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Processing and others

The approach(es) we will choose together and will be determined by your needs, preferences, and will complement your personal style of processing and learning.

I will take a Team Approach when appropriate and am very receptive to working with any other professional or healer with whom you are collaborating i.e. physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc.

“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.” 

Dr. Sue Johnson

Relationships offer us the opportunity for the richest connection and deepest meaning in life.  We experience our best and our most vulnerable selves in our intimate relationships.  Our most profound growth occurs with intimate connection with others.  Yet some of our greatest challenges and most painful experiences also occur in our intimate relationships.

Depression and anxiety can be crippling.  Most people will struggle with these mental health concerns at some point in their lifetime.  It is very much part of the human experience to struggle with low and changing moods as well as anxiety.  At times, these moods are incredibly painful and debilitating.  Other times, depressions occur as a result of life changes and healing will happen naturally within a relatively short duration of time.  Managing and healing depression and anxiety is a multi-faceted approach and may include a team approach with other professionals ex. Including a range of medical and holistic healing practitioners.  Therapy can also be a very helpful component for learning to manage moods and anxiety. 

“Grief is love – it’s a love letter to those who have died.”  ~ David Kessler

Grief is a journey; it is painful, evolving, and changing over time.  Grief is unpredictable and healing is happening all along the way.  In the early stages, it feels that the grief will never end but then there is a shift, and a little relief happens.  The waves of grief continue but lessen in frequency and intensity.  In time and with love and effort, grief will fade as your loved one remains in your heart.  There is no right or wrong to grieving.  We must accept what is, each step of the journey.  We are all different people and approach our losses in our own ways and we each heal in our own way.  But grieving can happen in community with loving and caring others who care, support, and love us through the pain.  However painful the loss, there is hope and healing.

“The important thing is not to think much but to love much. Do what most brings you to love.”
St. Teresa of Avila

Many people come to therapy to grow, evolve, and to expand their human experience to incorporate spirit.  Sometimes we feel stuck and that we are not living as our most authentic selves.  We can also feel depleted and seeking to recharge and redirect our energies and the course of our lives.  If any of these realities reflect your situation or vision, I am privileged to work with you.  Much of healing and growth occurs when consciously connecting to spirit or the Greater Self.  “Self” has many names and is a very personal experience. 

About Lorri

Lorri Simpson, MSW, RCSW (Registered Clinical Social Worker), Victoria, BC

I have worked as a psychotherapist for the past 27 years; throughout this time, I have had the privilege to witness profound changes and healing in people.  For this reason, I am passionate about this work.  I trust implicitly in each person’s ability to heal and to thrive.

My specializations are:  trauma therapy for post-traumatic stress, therapy for healing depression and anxiety, relationship therapy, and spiritual growth and evolution. 

My Commitment to You

You have taken a brave step to reach out for help.

I promise to provide a safe, confidential, nurturing, and supportive environment for you to heal and thrive.

If you have suffered the impacts of trauma, I will respect and support you.  I will not ask you to tell your story in detail (unless this is appropriate and helpful to you).  Research has shown that frequent retelling can be retraumatizing.  I will instead provide safe and effective body-based treatment approaches to help you to transform that trauma.  These approaches will help you to release the trauma from your mind and body and to restore the belief in yourself.  I will not pressure you to talk about painful experiences but will respect your own sense of timing and desire to disclose.  In other words, you decide what and when you wish to share.  I am open to your feedback as to the quality of the therapy that you are receiving.