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“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.”
Dr. Sue Johnson

Relationships offer us the opportunity for the richest connection and deepest meaning in life. We experience our best and our most vulnerable selves in our intimate relationships. Our most profound growth occurs with intimate connection with others. Yet some of our greatest challenges and most painful experiences also occur in our intimate relationships.

For the past twenty-five years, I have had the privilege of helping couples to find that deep connection.

Relationships evolve through a variety of stages. Along the way, challenges will occur. Challenges are opportunities for greater love and growth. Conflict can be inevitable, but it is our approach and the way in which we manage that conflict that determines whether the conflict becomes opportunity for greater connection or separation. Stress, losses, work, children, and a whole variety of life changes can cause people to distance, emotionally and physically. In therapy, emotional bonds can be healed and strengthened; couples learn to be more accepting, open, supportive, and loving toward each other while talking through their stresses and differences. We can learn to have conversations to work through fears, losses, and conflicts and to secure a loving connection. In addition, we will work to restore the physical bond and to improve the quality of your sexual relationship.

I take a holistic approach to couples therapy in that I have worked extensively with couples for the past twenty-five years and trained in a number of relationship therapy approaches. In addition, I draw upon my training and experience as a trauma therapist, training in energy healing therapies as well as a broad-based training and experience in spiritual traditions and meditation.

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