Grief Recovery

Grief is a journey; it is painful, evolving, and changing over time.  Grief is unpredictable and healing is happening all along the way.  In the early stages, it feels that the grief will never end but then there is a shift, and a little relief happens.  The waves of grief continue but lessen in frequency and intensity.  In time and with love and effort, grief will fade as your loved one remains in your heart.  There is no right or wrong to grieving.  We must accept what is, each step of the journey.  We are all different people and approach our losses in our own ways and we each heal in our own way.  But grieving can happen in community with loving and caring others who care, support, and love us through the pain.  However painful the loss, there is hope and healing.

Therapy is helpful when things get really difficult and complicated.  We can find meaning through the pain of deep loss and learn to regain the feeling of love and cherished memories for those we have lost.   We can learn to move forward in a way that honors our loved ones.  This is the approach that we will take together. 

Sometimes we need help to move forward through the grief.  Grief therapy can provide a powerful space of safety, support, and compassion in which to heal.  As your therapist, I commit to providing that healing space as well as specific tools and strategies to help you to work through the stages of your grief journey and to regain your sense of connection, purpose, and vitality.

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