Managing and Healing Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be crippling. Most people will struggle with these mental health concerns at some point in their lifetime. It is very much part of the human experience to struggle with low and changing moods as well as anxiety. At times, these moods are incredibly painful and debilitating. Other times, depressions occur as a result of life changes and healing will happen naturally within a relatively short duration of time. Managing and healing depression and anxiety is a multi-faceted approach and may include a team approach with other professionals ex. Including a range of medical and holistic healing practitioners. Therapy can also be a very helpful component for learning to manage moods and anxiety.

My approach to depression and anxiety is holistic and collaborative. We may explore a variety of therapeutic modalities such as: cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, trauma therapy (if appropriate), grief therapy, body-based healing approaches, and energy practices from energy psychology, yoga, etc. The approach will be decided by us together following a comprehensive assessment to determine underlying causes. Most people do experience relief from these moods and that, with treatment, effort, and time improvements will occur.


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