Spiritual Consultations

“The important thing is not to think much but to love much. Do what most brings you to love.”
St. Teresa of Avila

Many people come to therapy to grow, evolve, and to expand their human experience to incorporate spirit. Sometimes we feel stuck and that we are not living as our most authentic selves. We can also feel depleted and seeking to recharge and redirect our energies and the course of our lives. If any of these realities reflect your situation or vision, I am privileged to work with you. Much of healing and growth occurs when consciously connecting to spirit or the Greater Self. “Self” has many names and is a very personal experience.

I am a highly committed spiritual practitioner of meditation and yoga. Over the past thirty years, I have studied and practiced in a variety of traditions i.e. Earth-based spirituality, Christianity, Buddhism, and Yogic traditions. I will work with your spiritual tradition and, if you do not have a spiritual practice, we will work together to help you to discover one that speaks true to you.

It is my belief and practice that therapy incorporate one’s lived spirituality, that we not be separated from our Selves in the therapeutic experience. The union of spirituality and therapy is a rich and enlightening process. In my practice, I will incorporate your spiritual practices and principles. Therapy will include energy practices, meditative practices, and holistic healing rituals.

Lorri Simpson, MSW, RCSW
(Registered Clinical Social Worker)
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